• Classroom Grants

    (Formerly Mini-Grants)


    Applications for Jordan Education Foundation (JEF) 2017-2018 CLASSROOM GRANTS will be accepted Tuesday, August 1 through Friday October 27, 2017.  

    JEF funding will be awarded through Monday, November 20, 2017 – as long as funds are available. The funding period will end before November 20 if JEF funds have been exhausted by eligible projects. Bottom line: APPLY EARLY!




    PURPOSE: The CLASSROOM GRANTS Program, is used to fund a teacher’s innovative and creative classroom projects that enrich standard curriculum and directly enhance learning opportunities for students and encourage business involvement in schools in the Jordan School District.

    ELIGIBILITY: Any current FULL-TIME teacher in Jordan School District (Utah) may apply for funding. 

    AWARD AMOUNTS: The maximum amount of each mini-grant is $500. Since funds are limited, projects costing less than $500 allow the Foundation to help as many teachers and classrooms as possible. A team of full-time teachers (three or more) working together may apply for a single grant but the maximum amount will not exceed $1,500.

    RESTRICTIONS: The following categories are not eligible for funding: Salaries, honorariums, stipends, travel, field trips, incentive awards, and food.

    REQUIREMENTS: Every CLASSROOM GRANT application must include the Principal’s signature of approval indicating that they have reviewed and approved the application. Applications are available in the fall.



    We are using DONORS CHOOSE again this year to potentially increase the number of grants awarded. Last year our funds were extended by 30% by using DONORS CHOOSE. This year we hope to improve that percentage by capturing additional funds from matching programs.  Historically there are various major foundations (Gates, Chevron and others) that pick out a random day or period of time to match projects that are listed with Donors Choose.  JEF would like to help with this match so APPLY EARLY IN AUGUST.


    This year’s application is a three‐part process: 

    1. Open the JEF application link above or on our front page at www.jordaneducationfoundation.org.   

    2. Go to www.donorschoose.org. Create a Donors Choose account and project. Use the criteria provided within the JEF application to describe your project. Don’t wait, the earlier you post your project, the better your chance will be to receive funding.

    3. Provide contact and project‐specific information and the link to your Donors Choose project within the JEF application. (This is how we’ll know which projects to fund). 

    While Donor's Choose provides the potential for stretching JEF funds, we understand that some projects do not meet Donor's Choose requirements. We want to fund your grant application! Please provide your application in the "APPLICATIONS NOT APPLICABLE TO DONORS CHOOSE" space. 

    Click HERE for further details.

    Click HERE to start your application