• Jordan Education Foundation believes in the importance of continuing education.  JEF supports donors who have a passion for scholarships.  The Foundation can and does establish criteria for scholarships as well as memorandums of understanding to encourage contributions to scholarships.  The following are a few ways the Foundation can assist donors in matching their passions with possibilities.

    Endowed Scholarships

    When it comes to fostering educational excellence, students of Jordan School District are fortunate to have strong community support. Thanks to generous donations from private groups like the Bingham Canyon Lions Club, Jordan Education Foundation (JEF) is able to administer a number of endowed scholarships.  Endowed scholarships allow JEF to award the interest from a principal investment for a scholarship(s).  The initial investment remains untouched and whatever interest on the investment is earned over a period of time can be given as a scholarship based on the original scholarship criteria.

    Turn Around Student Scholarships

    Each year Jordan Education Foundation awards a $2,000 scholarship to one high school senior from each of the six high schools in Jordan School District. Each recipient has demonstrated a remarkable ability to rise above tough academic, economic, or personal circumstances and chosen to continue their education, but have little or no chance in obtaining any other financial assistance for higher education.

    Businesses, institutions and individuals within the community who believe in second chances and want to see students succeed contribute to these scholarships. These amazing six students are awarded their scholarship at our annual Awards Banquet in May.


    Annual Scholarships

    An Annual Scholarship is made by individuals, businesses or other foundations who care about your children, their education and our collective future.   These people donate a specific amount for a student scholarship, based on previously determined criteria.  This donation is awarded each year.  For an Annual Scholarship to be on-going the donor(s) needs to make yearly contributions.

    Memorial Scholarships

    Memorial Scholarships are legacy scholarships created in recognition and memoriam of a student or faculty member of Jordan School District. These scholarships are funded by private individuals or groups and then managed by the Foundation.

    Teacher Recruitment Scholarships

    Teacher Recruitment Scholarships provide up to $1,000 for books and fees to diverse high school graduates seeking to become educators. Recipients are encouraged to return to their sponsoring district to teach after completing their degree.
    Each scholarship will be renewable for four years at Salt Lake Community College and University of Utah based on maintaining a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. SLCC and U of U will provide tuition waivers and JEF Foundation funds will cover the costs of fees, books and supplies up to $1,000.