• Fundraising Partnerships

    2017-2018 Jordan School District Approved School Fund Raisers 


    JSD Fundraising Policy AA417 Level Guidelines for Elementary and Middle Schools states:

    "C. In addition to the one major fundraiser, the School Community Council is allowed one fundraiser each year.  This fundraiser must be selected from the list of Jordan Education Foundation partnership organizations provided to each school (see JEF guidelines A1)"

    The following list includes those companies that have applied to the Utah State Dept. of Commerce, Division of Consumer Protection and have provided to Jordan Education Foundation a copy of the letter provided by Utah Dept. of Commerce indicating the status of represented company (either as a commercial co-venturer or a professional fundraiser) with the JEF application form (UT code 13-22-2.11)




    Apex Leadership Company 

    Apex Fun Runs

    Bahama Bucks

    Big Brothers Big Sisters 

    Bobby Lawrence Karate

    Blue 7 Marketing / Utah Fundraising

    Chords of Joy

    Club Choice Fundraising (including Otis Spunkmeyer)

    Family Tae Kwon Do

    Computers for Education / ASD Com INC

    FatBoy Ice Cream

    Custom Fundraising Solutions

    Flap Jack Drizzle

    Dehaan Enterprises Inc

    Free Volt


    Honeybaked Ham Company

    Free Water Marketing

    Invisus LLC

    K-12 Fundraising, Inc.

    JBY Company LLC dba Farm Fresh Fundraisers

    Lemon Drop Lane, LLC (Wasatch Savings contact)

    King's Calendars

    Safe Fundraising

    Lagoon Marketing

    TriQuest LLC

    Lehi Roller Mills

    Wasatch Savings Inc.

    MobiCard USA 

    World's Finest Chocolate

    Pizza Pie Cafe


    Team Marketing System


    Total Merchant Services


    Winder Farm