• E-Flyer Distribution Guidelines

    Jordan Education Foundation and Jordan School District have established the following guidelines and procedures for processing requests to distribute information to students and parents. All printed or electronic materials promoting events, classes, services, products and/or community organizations must receive district approval prior to posting, distributing or displaying. E-flyers are not distributed to district employees.

    Jordan School District and Jordan Education Foundation have selected Peachjar as the service provider for electronic flyer distribution. Peachjar provides an innovative flyer management system that sends school- and district-approved e-flyers directly to parents' inboxes and posts them online so parents can easily view flyers and immediately register for activities and events.

    Jordan School District no longer distributes paper flyers. Individual schools may distribute paper flyers for internal, noncommercial, school-related information. All e-flyers from for-profit and non-profit businesses or organizations must be uploaded through Peachjar.
    Flyers need to be uploaded to Peachjar approximately one month prior to the date of the event. The specific posting date (the date the flyer is available on each school's Peachjar page) can be selected during the uploading process. 

    FEESPlease note that both the Distribution Fee AND the Posting Fee must be paid prior to flyer approval.

    1.  DISTRIBUTION FEE (Paid to Jordan Education Foundation for the distribution of e-flyers to students in Jordan School District.)

    Distribution of e-flyers in Jordan School District is subject to the following distribution fee schedule. The distribution fee must be submitted to Jordan Education Foundation prior to e-flyer distribution. The distribution fee covers a one-time, 30-day posting. If you'd like your flyer to be active for more than 30 days, you'll need to pay an additional distribution fee.

    E-Flyer Distribution Fee Schedule

    Number of Schools Fee 
     1$   250.00 
    2-4      500.00 
    5 or more 1,000.00


    Payment by check should be made to:


    Jordan Education Foundation

    7387 S. Campus View Drive

    West Jordan, UT 84084 

                 (Our office is located in the Jordan School District administration building on the west side of the Jordan Landing shopping center)


    Or can be made online HERE 

    2.  POSTING FEE (Paid to Peachjar via Peachjar Credits)

    Community organizations and enrichment providers promoting or announcing an activity or event with a participation fee need to purchase Peachjar credits. The cost of credits replaces printing costs associated with paper flyers. 5 credits are required per school to keep a flyer active for 30 days. Credit pricing is determined by Peachjar and is not to exceed a total of $30 per school per posting. Please visit Peachjar’s Service Fee and Policy pages for more information.

    DISCLAIMER: This disclaimer must be included on all flyers:

    The Jordan School District is not affiliated with this group and the group should not be considered as being endorsed by the District or Jordan Education Foundation.  Jordan Education Foundation has received direct financial benefit for distribution of this flyer.


    Flyers uploaded through Peachjar will be automatically routed to the Foundation for approval. Flyers will typically be available 24 hours following approval. 
    While flyers are typically available 24 hours following approval, parents will only receive flyer notification based on the frequency they selected in Peachjar.
Last Modified on August 27, 2015