• Jordan School District has a tradition of educational excellence. We proudly honor our outstanding educators and resilient students who keep this tradition alive. This Banquet is a wonderful event to honor those dedicated to the success of your children, their education and our collective future.
    Congratulations to the JEF Outstanding Educators of the Year!

    2017 Awards Banquet
    It's not everyday we get the chance to tell our educators just how much they mean to our students and to education. Thank you educators for all that you do to influence and instruct our young people!
    Check out our photo gallery below:
    Congratulations to:
    Cindy Horrocks - Joel P Jensen Middle
    Leslie Fiskell - Heartland Elementary
    Lisa DuVernay - Oquirrh Elementary
    Susan Locke - Columbia Elementary
    Sandra Burton - Westvale Elementary
    Alicia Rasmussen - Monte Vista Elementary
    Kaylee Todd - South Jordan Elementary
    Katerine Borgmeier - Riverton High School
    Ashley Calhoun - Riverton Elementary
    Randi Frehner - Oakcrest Elementary 
    Laurie Tovey - Kauri Sue Hamilton School
    Allyson Pulsipher - Southland Elementary
    Christina Stout - Rose Creek Elementary
    Michael Farsworth - Fort Herriman Middle
    Tina Rothe - Jordan Ridge Elementary
    Sarah Burton - Herriman School
    John Schneggenburger - Copper Mountain Middle
    Principal Michele Daly - Southland Elementary
    Principal Rita Bouillon - Kauri Sue Hamilton School 
Last Modified on April 28, 2017