• Jordan Education Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of business and community leaders, parents, district administrators and a full-time director. Through philanthropic contributions, strategic advocacy and personal networks, Jordan Education Foundation Board of Directors drives the strategic vision of the Foundation and furthers the goals of Jordan School District.



    Board President
                Michael Haynes, Executive Director, True North Retirement Systems
    Vice President/President Elect
                 Jodi DeJong, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Jordan Valley Medical Center
    Immediate Past President 
                   David A. Jenkins, President, Ensign Engineering 
    Executive Director
                   Steven Hall – Jordan Education Foundation
                   Jim Bird, Owner, Jim Bird Insurance
                   Jim Cardall, Mass Mutual Financial Group 
                   Jason Casto, Owner/President, Genesis Dental
                   Ben Davis, P.E. Vice President, Van Boerum & Frank Associates 

    Johnny Anderson, President/CEO, ABC Great Beginnings

    Corey Fairholm, Community Representative

    Cori Hancock, Director of Marketing, Stampin' Up

    Dr. Patrice Johnson, Superintendent of Schools, Jordan School District

    Rylee McDermott, Esq., McDermott Law, PLLC

    Tyler Pettit, Associate Vice President, DA Davidson & Co. 
    Dawn Ramsey, Director, Region 6 PTA 
    Cynthia Re'Mine, Director of Business Development, Ascent Construction

    Jan Tanner, Community Representative

    Karen Thomson, Community Representative

    Tracey Vollrath, Mountain America Credit Union

    Janice Voorhies, President, Jordan School District Board of Education 


    Michael Anderson, Administrator of Schools, Jordan School District

    Karen Egan, Principal, Bluffdale Elementary
    Vicki Olsen, President, Jordan Education Association
    Anne Gould, Staff, Jordan Education Foundation 
    Merrilee Jones, Staff, Jordan Education Foundation