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Scoring for Schools

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Scoring for Schools

REAL Salt Lake has again partnered with Jordan Education Foundation to provide a $250 Classroom Grant to every full-time, licensed Elementary School Teacher in Jordan District who applies between

August 1 & October 31, 2019! (Deadline has been extended to November 8, 2019)


Program Requirements & Guidelines

  • Licensed, full-time elementary teachers including: art, P.E. and music may apply for up to $250 for classroom materials or equipment.

  • Team grade level teachers may combine their individual allotments for a more expensive item.  (For Example, four teachers may combine for $1,000 worth of materials that they will share.)  **All involved teachers must be listed on the application.  

  • Materials will only be acquired through Donors Choose.  Teachers will need to fill out a "Scoring for Schools" application, as well as submit their project on

  • Elementary teachers have from August 1 – October 31, 2019 to submit both their Scoring for Schools application & submit their project on Donors Choose. (Deadline has been extended to November 8, 2019)

  • Items must follow district guidelines and standards. Items not eligible include: Salaries, professional development, honorariums, stipends, & educator travel. 

  • All awarded materials are subject to Jordan School District policy and belong to Jordan School District - not the awarded teacher or team of teachers.  Although materials typically stay within the awarded school, in the event a teacher, who has received Classroom Grant materials, moves to another school within the school district, that teacher may take the grant materials to the new school within the district.  However, the awarded school's principal may make the final determination.  Items awarded to a team of teachers stay within that department or grade level team at the school even if one teacher moves from the school.  

  • Jordan Education Foundation will be covering Fulfillment Fees & Payment Processing Fees charged by Donors Choose so that teachers can use the full $250 allotment on classroom supplies!  When you write your grant, you do not need to worry about including fees into the $250 allotment.  

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