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Congratulations 2020 Education Support Support Professionals!

This year, Jordan Education Foundation is excited to honor SIX Outstanding Education Support Professionals from Jordan School District. We'd like to share a little bit about these shining examples of Jordan District employees.


Randi is a shining example of patience and perseverance every day at JATC South. Randi shows professional expertise in everything she does. At JATC South this year, we implemented a completely new application process. That means that every program at JATC South had an application. Her principal says, “We as a staff and myself as the principal could have never accomplished this amazing feat without her. I can’t say enough good things about Randi and am honored to call her a friend and colleague.”

SHELIA DRAPER Head Administrative Assistant, Welby Elementary

Shelia is as reliable as any staff member could be. She never drops the ball on anything. What sets her apart is the fact that unlike most staff members who need to help find answers to questions on the proper manner in which to deal with an issue, Shelia always knows what to do. Because of the warm welcome guests receive from our office, it affects the climate of our school so patrons and students WANT to be here. Shelia is Welby and Welby is Shelia. Welby Rocks because Shelia Rocks.

ELIZABETH (BETSY) GOODWIN Administrative Assistant, Fox Hollow Elementary School

Betsy is brilliant. She runs the school. She knows everything and everyone. She is constantly thinking ahead, recognizing problem situations, preventing problems, and making sure that the school runs properly. Her Principal, Kevin Pullan says, “This year I had some serious heart problems that put me out of the school for over 2 months. I can't express my enough my thanks to Betsy for running things in my absence. She saved me from problems and stress countless times during those months. She was a stabilizing force at the school as she dealt with multiple substitute Principals and an Assistant Principal change. Betsy was the constant at Fox Hollow.”

SHANNON JOHNSON Testing Assistant, Evaluation, Research & Accountability Department

Because of her experience, Shannon is the testing coordinator and runs the entire test administration herself, including all three benchmark windows in a school year and the testing of 16,200+ students districtwide. This data impacts district decisions since the testing is tied to millions of dollars of funding. Her director says, “I know of few educational support professionals who have had more impact on student learning and instruction than Shannon Johnson.”

ROBYN LUKE Homeless Liaison, West Jordan High School

Her welcoming and warm demeanor is a calming and comforting presence, which has encouraged students and their families to not only utilize our Principal's Pantry, but to ask for additional help. Quoting from a graduation coach, “When a child is hungry, cold or unwashed they have a hard time succeeding in school; Robyn is helping to change that at West Jordan High School. Having a loving soft place to land can change a child’s life. Robyn has definitely been that soft place for so many underprivileged kids at our school. I have had the privilege to work with her on many occasions. Her kindness and willingness to help is so empowering to watch. Because of her dedication to these students they now have food in their bellies, clean clothes and warm feet. I have seen students walk into her pantry with zero dignity and leave in a short amount of time with a smile from ear to ear.”

LEANN NELSON Head Attendance Secretary, Riverton High School

LeAnn is kind and courageous. Sometimes in her role she has to tell people "no", give them disappointing news, or ask hard questions. She does this in a way that is respectful and professional. She gets the big picture of what's going on and is always active behind the scenes making sure things get done. Very few people actually look to take on new responsibilities and the extra work it entails; LeAnn goes out of her way to do this if it means she can make our work loads a little lighter.

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