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JEF Rising Star Scholarship

Nominations due March 1st

Deadline: March 1, annually

Jordan Education Foundation requests each one of the (8)) high school Principals, in collaboration with their counselors and staff to select one senior student who has overcome a significant personal hardship, shown marked improvement in academic success and has made a commitment to continue their education beyond high school to receive a $2,000.00 scholarship to the university, college, or trade school of their choice.   

Turnaround Scholarship Selection Criteria:  Please include in your submission noteworthy interactions with teachers, advisors, counselors and administrators as well as the extent of need.

1. Personal Circumstances
Has suffered a significant personal hardship (ie: a tough personal or family circumstance which may have created a period of poor academic performance, poor attitude, etc.)

2. Marked Improvement
Has shown marked improvement in grades, school performance and personal life, is in good standing in the school and community and has triumphed significantly over personal hardship.

3. Commitment to Education
Has made a commitment to continue their education beyond high school and attend a college, university or trade/skill school.

4. Financial Assistance
Deserves financial assistance but has no other means or chance of obtaining any other type of scholarship.

Principal's, please submit nomination by MARCH 1st.  One senior student from each high school will receive a certificate and a $2,000.00 scholarship award to the college, university or trade school of their choice and will be honored at the annual JEF Awards Recognition Banquet. 

This scholarship is not awarded based on application by a student. But is awarded by the Principal to one senior at each of the (8) Jordan School District high schools (Bingham High School, Copper Hills High School, Herriman High School, Kings Peak Virtual High School, Mountain Ridge High School, Riverton High School, West Jordan High School, Valley High School) 

Principals: Please call Jordan Education Foundation at 801-567-8125 with any questions. 

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