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Service Opportunities

Jordan Education Foundation welcomes in-kind donations and donations of time and service.  


  • Eagle Scout Projects

  • Church or Community Group Service Projects

  • In-Kind Donations of Food, Hygiene Items, Meal Gift Cards & Basic Clothing.​

Thank you for helping our kids so that they can focus on learning!


Eagle Scouts

Church/Youth Groups

Community/Neighborhood Service Projects


*These items are always needed







Our homeless student population moves regularly from home to home in search of shelter. Given the lack of permanence in their living circumstance, they often don't have access to basic hygiene item. JEF's hygiene kits are portable. And as basic needs are met, kids can focus on school.   Donations of individual items, complete kits or funds to purchase hygiene kits all help support our kids! 


Please click HERE for a list of needed Hygiene Kit items.

Some students leave school on Friday not knowing if there will be food available to them over the weekend.  A weekend pack consisting of several individual-sized meals and snacks can help get a student through the weekend until meals are again accessible at school. The average cost for one weekend pack is around $10. 


Please click HERE for a list of items in a Weekend Pack.

Snack packs can be provided by a teacher or school administrator during school hours when a child has skipped a meal or needs additional nourishment in-between meals. The average cost for one snack pack is around $5.  


Please click HERE for a list of items in a Snack Pack.


Spring, fall and holiday breaks can be a welcome reprieve from school for students, teachers and staff, but for many students school break comes with a worry of where their next meal will come from. ​ Below are ideas for whole meal kits. The links below provide suggested lists of items found on for creating these kits. With your help we can provide students with a variety of food to keep them from going hungry during school breaks. 

Unable to put the packs together? That's okay!  We accept individual food items and can put meals kits together in-house. 


Suggested Meal Kits:

Breakfast Items:

Tortilla Casserole:

Chicken Pot Pie Casserole:

Taco Soup:


These meal kit ideas can also be found on the Jordan Education Foundation page on

Welcome and Home Care Kits are created to assist families with students enrolled in our school district who are in need of extra help.  This could include families who are facing hardship under a variety of circumstances as well as the growing population of refugees arriving in our district.  

**All items in these kits must be brand new. 


Please click HERE for a list of items needed for Welcome & Home Care Kits.

Each year the Foundation helps needy students get ready to go back to school. Backpacks and school supplies for students, grade K-12 are always in demand. 


Please click HERE for a list of School Supplies needed.

Basic Clothing

Basic clothing items are in need year round.  You can help by organizing a coat, shoe or basic clothing drive and donating collected items to Jordan Education Foundation.  We work closely with Educational Support Services Department to ensure items go to those who need it most.  

Items Needed:

New Coats - Elementary, Middle & High School Sizes

New Shoes - Elementary, Middle & High School Sizes

New Underwear - sizes 5-14

New Socks - Elementary, Middle & High School Sizes

Gift Cards

Jordan School District currently has over 2,100 homeless students. These (typically secondary) students often go nights and weekends without food or other essentials.  Providing $5 or $10 gift cards can ensure that these students do not go hungry or have a way to buy the hygiene items they need.

Gift cards could be to local fast food restaurants such as Subway or Chick fil-A or a grocery or drug store like Walmart or Walgreen's. 

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