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Congratulations to the 2021 JEF Outstanding Educators!

Last week we wrapped up the 2021 JEF Outstanding Educator presentations - visiting 63 schools in 6 days.

Thank you to our awesome Jordan Education Foundation Board of Directors, Superintendent Anthony Godfrey and members of the Jordan School District Cabinet and Board of Education, who attended each and every teacher presentation! So many members of our community came out to celebrate the outstanding work done by Jordan District teachers.

Special thanks to the many sponsors who made these awards possible!

Please join us in congratulating the remaining following individuals who received the 2021 JEF Outstanding Educator Award:

Ron Halbert - West Jordan High School

Nancy Neff - South Valley School

Jenifer Palomin - Westvale Elementary

Loran Ross - -Majestic Elementary

Chelsey James - West Jordan Elementary

Jolayne Heath - Westland Elementary School

Paul Pedler - Oquirrh Elementary School

Rebecca Fenstermacher - Riverside Elementary School

Laurie Ferrini - Heartland Elementary

Cassandra Lee - Terra Linda School

Aaron Duncan - Joel P. Jensen Middle School

Kymberli Cosner - Columbia Elementary School

Blair Jensen - JATC South

Eileen Siavrakas - Oquirrh Hills Middle School

Jessica Soffe - Riverton Elementary School

Chelsea Hull - Riverton High School

Macey Burt - Rose Creek Elementary School

Sherri Morrill - Midas Creek Elementary

Tina Price - Rosamond Elementary School

Kimberly Bailey - Bluffdale Elementary School

Jean Fullmer - Hidden Valley Middle School

Charity Horne - Mountain Point Elementary

Casey Pehrson - Herriman High School

Julie Wileitner - Copper Mountain Middle School

Matt Smith - Silver Crest Elementary

Genevieve Randall - Bastian Elementary School - Herriman, UT

Mauree Pierson - Daybreak Elementary

Britnee Jarvis - Eastlake Elementary

Andrea Hogan - Mountain Creek Middle School

Emily Rock - Golden Fields Elementary

Becky Stone - JATC North Campus

Sarah Hively - Southland Elementary School

Andee Bouwhuis - Bingham High School

Richard Munro - South Jordan Middle

Tamera Ortega - Rivers Edge School

Amanda Oettli - South Jordan Elementary School

Staci Velarde - Monte Vista Elementary

Melissa Handy - Jordan Ridge Elementary School

Emily Crane - Elk Meadows Elementary

Amanda Mair - Elk Ridge Middle School

Leslie Foltz - Welby Elementary School

Amelia Rose - West Jordan Middle School

Michael Draut - West Hills Middle School

Ashley Taylor - Mountain Ridge High School Herriman, UT

Lisa Jensen - Blackridge Elementary

Kiana Livingston - Herriman Elementary School

Jennifer Knowles - Foothills School

Winona Marx - South Hills Middle School

Rochelle Waite - Outstanding Principal of the Year! - South Hills Middle School

The entire faculty at Valley High School

Jacqueline Sheppick - Copper Hills High School

Kimberly Reynolds - Falcon Ridge School

Lydia Fa'asu - Fox Hollow School

Shelby Fisk - Jordan Hills Elementary

Emily Griffith - Kauri Sue Hamilton

Brooke Stuart - Copper Canyon Elementary

Devionare Howland - Ridge View Elementary

Congratulations to all our winners!


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