Due: March 7, 2022



Basic Information: Jordan Education Foundation requests each of the (8) Jordan School District High School Principals, in collaboration with their counselors and staff, to select one senior student who has overcome a significant personal hardship, shown marked improvement in academic success, and has made a commitment to continue their education beyond high school to receive a $2,000.00 scholarship to the university, college, or trade school of their choice.   

Principals: Please call Mike Haynes (801-567-8261) at the Foundation with any questions.


Due: April 27, 2022

Application must be returned to the CHHS Counseling Center



Basic Information: Four scholarships are offered to high school seniors who are Copperton residents, without regard to the high school they attend. The Jordan Education Foundation will issue a check in the name of the scholar and the college or university they will attend, and the check will be sent directly to the college or university.   


Complete the application and submit to the Counseling Center, along with an unofficial transcript and at least one letter of recommendation. Click here for an application.


Academic Scholarship: Minimum GPA 3.0 (given to highest GPA)

$1,500 for the first year, $1,000 renewable for three years


Academic Runner-up: Minimum GPA 3.0
$1,000 first year, $1,000 renewable second year


Leadership Scholarship: Minimum GPA 3.0  

Active in leadership positions, including student body offices, clubs,
and/or community functions. No religious positions or service to be included.

$1,000 for one year


Starter Scholarship: No minimum GPA required

Must show marked improvement in attitude and learning during junior and
senior years.  Must not be an Academic Student or Leadership Student.

$1,000 for one year


Due: April 20, annually



Basic Information

  • Award recipients will be a student (male or female) from Riverton HS, Bingham HS, or West Jordan HS TOTAL OF 3 AWARDS (one from each of these high schools)

  • Each student will receive $1,000

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher

  • Seniors who have participated as a varsity athletes and lettered

  • Preference will be given to those who have an expressed interest in the healthcare industry and have financial need

  • Individual schools (Principals, Counselors, Coaches) will make the final, collaborative selection and forward it to the Jordan Education Foundation office.


STEM My 529 7th Grade Scholarship

Due: March 31, annually



Basic Information

  • One scholarship per middle school is offered to a 7th-grade student with at least a B-average and who has shown interest and aptitude in STEM-related coursework.  (Award preference is given to students who qualify for free and reduced lunch.) 

  • Teacher of STEM-based curriculum identifies and recommends student to middle-school counselor.

  • School Counselor vets student based on scholarship criteria.

  • If student qualifies and is interested, a link to the online application is sent to the student and parent/guardian to be filled out together.

  • Student requests letter of recommendation from nominating teacher.

  • Final decision is made by school administration.


When it comes to fostering educational excellence, students of Jordan School District are fortunate to have strong community support. Thanks to generous donations from private groups like the Bingham Canyon Lions Club, Jordan Education Foundation (JEF) is able to administer a number of endowed scholarships.  Endowed scholarships allow JEF to award the interest from a principal investment for a scholarship(s).  The initial investment remains untouched and whatever interest on the investment is earned over a period of time can be given as a scholarship based on the original scholarship criteria.



An Annual Scholarship is made by individuals, businesses or other foundations who care about your children, their education, and our collective future. These people donate a specific amount for a student scholarship, based on previously determined criteria. This donation is awarded each year.  For an Annual Scholarship to be ongoing the donor(s) needs to make yearly contributions.



Memorial Scholarships are legacy scholarships created in recognition and Memoriam of a student or faculty member of Jordan School District. These scholarships are funded by private individuals or groups and then managed by the Foundation.




Teacher Recruitment Scholarships provide up to $1,000 for books and fees to diverse high school graduates seeking to become educators. Recipients are encouraged to return to their sponsoring district to teach after completing their degree.

Each scholarship will be renewable for four years at Salt Lake Community College and the University of Utah based on maintaining a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. SLCC and U of U will provide tuition waivers and JEF Foundation funds will cover the costs of fees, books, and supplies up to $1,000